The Conor McKenna Foundation

The Conor McKenna Foundation cm35The Conor McKenna Foundation was established by our family and friends in order to use the things we learned through Conor’s battle with cancer and make a difference in his memory. After all the support we received from our family, Conor’s friends and the Spring Ford community, we felt we needed to continue to remember Conor by using that energy to make a difference in others lives. We know there are other young adults right here in the Spring ford community that are fighting their own battles.Conor McKenna Foundation PA It could be illnesses, or family issues but they too are showing how courageous they are by battling these things and continuing to go to school, play their sport, play their instrument, go to work, or take care of others. Conor used his passion for baseball to fuel his fight everyday and I know others who are using many other motivating things to fuel their fight.┬áThis type of courage is something the Foundation wanted to reward and help those struggling get through. We wanted to support these students with scholarship money to continue their education and acknowledge their courage to move forward even when times are tough. That attribute is something that Conor had and that attribute is something we will always remember about him. We are all working towards goals in life and when someone is struggling we need as a community, whether it be a church group, or community group to reach out to these students and give them the support they need.